Controversial Big Brother housemate Cee-C has courted trouble again after declaring that her fellow housemates behave like animals.

She also declared that she was no longer going to eat anyone’s food again in the house and would only cater to herself and feed herself.

This is in the wake of a big fight that ensued between Alex and Rico over food wastage in the house.

Another fight over food seemed to ensue between the housemates and in the video making the rounds on social media, Cee-C could be seen telling her housemates “I asked for a meeting yesterday, you all ignored me. I felt like a fool, it’s going to get worse than this because me, Cee-C, i will not eat anybody else’s food again in this house. I will make my food, you know me now”

Cee-C also went on to complain that the housemates behaved like animals with no regard for rules or regulations

“Because we’re animals, we behave like animals, no rules, no regulations, animals.” she said.