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April 18, 2018

Few hours after Cee-C and Tobi’s altercation, biggie has issued Cee-C a strike.

He showed the Housemates a video of Cee-C insulting Tobi during their fallout.

Due to the provocative nature of the slurs thrown by Cee-C, Biggie awarded her a Strike and stern warning.

Biggie commended Tobi for staying calm throughout the issue and also told him that he should have not gone close to her during the period, however, Tobi was not issued a strike.

Biggie told him he will have a word with him later.

April 15, 2018

A V6 Highlander Jeep with the following plate number :LAGOS AAA. 622 BB – was involved in a serious accident earlier today along Ore – Ijebu Ode axis of Lagos expressway. According to reports, the car occupants/family members are said to have been returning from Ikeji Festival in Imo state before the accident happened which reportedly left all of them seriously injured.

The vehicle swerved off the road and fell into the deep roadside low level.

They were rushed to the hospital by spirited citizens.

April 14, 2018

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates were on Friday thrilled when Biggie surprised them with a visit to the house by Pepsi ambassadors Dj Spinall and Dj Obi.

The Pepsi ambassadors taught housemates the act, using the Amplifier and other equipment.

Miracle was announced winner of the this week’s ‘Pepsi challenge’. He was the first housemate to complete his task after finding the missing DJ pictures.

He was gifted a one year free supply of Pepsi, a ticket to ”One Africa” music festival and N1 million cash prize.

Recall that, Leo, Ifu Ennada has won an all expense paid trip to London to attend ‘One Africa’ music festival, N5 million cash prize, one year supply of Pepsi in the B “Roc da mat” challenge.

Other housemates were, however, gifted a ticket to the Pepsi party on the 30th of April.

April 8, 2018

Controversial Big Brother housemate Cee-C has courted trouble again after declaring that her fellow housemates behave like animals.

She also declared that she was no longer going to eat anyone’s food again in the house and would only cater to herself and feed herself.

This is in the wake of a big fight that ensued between Alex and Rico over food wastage in the house.

Another fight over food seemed to ensue between the housemates and in the video making the rounds on social media, Cee-C could be seen telling her housemates “I asked for a meeting yesterday, you all ignored me. I felt like a fool, it’s going to get worse than this because me, Cee-C, i will not eat anybody else’s food again in this house. I will make my food, you know me now”

Cee-C also went on to complain that the housemates behaved like animals with no regard for rules or regulations

“Because we’re animals, we behave like animals, no rules, no regulations, animals.” she said.

April 8, 2018

A Nigerian lady Ruti Olajugbagbe has won the 2018 edition of The Voice UK.

18-year-old Ruti Olajugbagbe was crowned the winner of The Voice 2018 on Saturday night beating runner-up Donel Mangena.

Ruti broke down in tears after host Emma Willis announced her as the winner, with her coach Sir Tom Jones gushing earlier in the show that is a ‘wonderful, magical, sincere’ singer.

Speaking after her victory Ruti said:

‘I wasn’t expecting this… I didn’t expect to get to the blind audition, I don’t know what to say!’

Ruti Olajugbagbe won £100,000 prize, as well as a deal with Republic Records. Ruti Olajugbagbe’s first single is already available. It became available as soon as the Voice final finished on Saturday night.

April 8, 2018

Popular singer , Tope Alabi , speaks with TOFARATI IGE about her childhood, career, marriage, motherhood and other issues

Popular singer , Tope Alabi , speaks with TOFARATI IGE about her childhood, career, marriage, motherhood and other issues

You recently released an album , Yes and Amen. What is its thrust ?

The album is full of wholesome praise to God ; there are no side attractions. God told me about three years ago that I should make an album that would contain only praise and worship. There are 11 tracks in all . I worked on the album for about two years. God usually gives me the titles for my albums, and also the time to release them .

You often share moral lessons in your songs . How did your upbringing influence that part of you ?

Whenever God tells me to record an album, He always tells me how to go about it. A lot of times , He often uses lessons from my childhood to explain what I should do. I was the only girl in the house and I was raised strictly . My mother was a disciplinarian and she brooked no nonsense . There was no room for me to go astray.

Did your mother support your music career ?

Yes, she did because she was also a singer. She always sang around the house. She believed that one didn ’ t have to be immoral simply because she is a singer. Every other member of my family was not pleased with my music career but my mother never took offence . She taught me that a female shouldn ’ t be too close to men . For example , I was never bathed at the same time with my male siblings . My mother used to check if my virginity was intact every three months interval before I got married ; especially whenever I returned from movie locations. When I newly got married to my husband , we went to the National Theatre in Lagos to watch a movie and actors like Yinka Quadri, Ebun Oloyede , among others were there . When they saw my husband , they congratulated him and told him that he had chosen a good and exemplary wife . That made my husband quite happy . My mum was very strict and she never spared the rod. She also showed me a lot of motherly love.

What are some of the lessons your mother taught you that have endured till date ?

My mum always taught me to be respectful. She mandated me to always kneel when greeting elderly people and I still do that till date , even for people I am older than .

How often do you get to spend time with your children ?

I thank God because He is the one that has raised the children for me . I am very grateful that my children are godly . Even when guys approach my daughter , she tells me about it because she knows that even if she doesn ’ t tell me , God would reveal it to me . Whenever we are together, I tell them about God . These days, kids have access to information from a lot of places . If God is not involved, they may not turn out well. I have learnt that it is very good to be friendly with your kids so that they can relate well with you . I play a lot with my kids . If children are not shown love in the home , they would seek for it outside .

What other childhood ambitions did you have?

I wanted to become a fashion designer. I studied Mass Communication ; I also thought that I would end up as a broadcaster or a correspondent. However , I have always loved acting and I joined a theatre group when I was in secondary school. My dream then was to become a star actress .

How did you start recording soundtracks for movies ?

I started my entertainment career as an actress and back then , they didn ’ t do personalised soundtracks for movies . One day , one of my colleagues, Adio Majesta, said I should be able to compose songs for movies . He told me the title of the movie and that was how I started making soundtracks for movies . He believed I could do it because I always sang whenever we were on location and sometimes , I used the incident happening at that particular time to compose songs.

Would you still love to be a movie star?

I still love to act but right now , there is no time for that . I was recently approached to act in a Christian movie but I haven’ t been able to go on set because of my busy schedule .

How would you describe your experience as an actress?

I joined the group , Jesters International , in 1983, and I started acting with Papilolo and Aderupoko . There were times that I would be on location for several weeks, yet I wouldn’ t be given any role . I used to feel frustrated but I didn ’ t know that God had another plan for me . Now , I have more fulfillment as a singer. I have the opportunity to minister to people and break yokes. I don’ t take all that I am for granted.

When was your breakthrough moment in your career?

I became very popular when I released the album, Ore ti o Common . I didn ’ t think that people would like the song because it was the ‘ cover ’ of a makossa hit . The original song didn ’ t have any moral message but I decided to change it to a gospel song. People really loved and accepted the song . Meanwhile, I had released two albums, Ikoko Dudu and Baba iwo la k’ epe , before then but they weren ’ t successful .

How have you been able to manage your marriage and career so that none suffers?

I have been trying my best and God has been helping me . I work with my husband ; so , we are often together. My children have also been wonderful . I always teach them the word of God and they even know how to pray better than me now . My children also critique my ministrations and I learn from them .

Are any of your children following your footsteps in music?

Yes. My first daughter , Ayomikun, is currently studying music in the university. She often tells me a lot of things about the rudiments and intricacies of music. I actually wanted her to study medicine but she chose music. She writes good lyrics and I respect her for that.

Aren’ t you disappointed that she chose music over medicine ?

I am happy with her choice. I had told God that the children should become whatever He wants them to become ; and not just my wish.

You recently built a house in Iju , Lagos. Why didn’ t you go to a highbrow area like Lekki?

I believe that God is everywhere. I have always lived in this area and I am comfortable with it. This place where I live is very peaceful and I am sure that if the people in Lekki get to know about it , they would want to move here .

Some people regard gospel singing as a calling. How do you draw the line when charging clients?

Some people had been doing this job before we started. Most churches know that they have to give honourarium . Till date , there are some places we go to minister and do not charge a dime; they would give us whatever they like . However , in some places , they could take us for granted if we don’ t tell them what they are required to pay. For about 15 years in my ministry , I didn ’ t charge anybody. I recently started to do that because I realised that people were taking us for a ride. There was a particular church we went to minister and at the end of the programme , they gave us N 300, and the place wasn ’ t even in Lagos . How am I supposed to share that with my band ? There have been lots of experiences like that . This is the only job that I do and I have several responsibilities to cater to .

Why did you decide to start marketing your albums yourselves ?

Marketers usually told us that they sold low figures and it was often difficult to get money from them . That was why we decided to set up a structure to sell our albums ourselves. We usually see the CDs everywhere; yet, the marketers would tell us that people are not buying . So far , the experience of selling the albums ourselves has been great .

How would you describe the experience of working with your husband?

I enjoy it . Gentle people ( like my husband ) are conservative and reserved . I like the way he is because we have opposite characters. I spend and shop a lot but he is someone who believes in saving money. At every point , he knows what he is doing. Gentle people may be stubborn but it usually helps us to achieve certain things. My husband motivates me a lot . Even the people that work with him in the office love him very much. He might be stubborn , but he is not a troublesome person. He is a very lenient person but whenever he is tired of you , nobody can convince him otherwise .

How do you make sure that misunderstandings with your husband at work don ’ t go home with you ?

We often take some of them home. At times, we have misunderstandings on stage . He usually frowns at me whenever I don’ t get something right on stage , and sometimes , he communicates with me using the piano . He also doesn ’ t like it when I talk too much on stage . He often tells me to greet people briefly and go straight to my song delivery . In cases like that , I always apologise first because I like saying sorry .

How do you like to dress ?

I like to look good. You shouldn ’ t say that because you are a Christian, you wouldn’ t look good; things have to be balanced . I like to wear good outfits, and they don’ t have to be so expensive. My father was a tailor and I know how to design clothes . Sometimes , I sketch the attire I want and give it to the tailor to make it.

How do you unwind ?

Sometimes, my husband and I travel to be alone together for some days . During that time , I would sleep well and go for massages . I also love to watch movies and play table tennis.

April 7, 2018

Last night Big Brother Naija housemate,Tobi called his fellow housemate,Lolu a dead man walking.

He said this in reference to Lolu’s relationship with Anto.

Tobi has always mocked Lolu for being allover Anto and has been making conscious efforts to cause a rift between the duo ,even planting a surprise kiss on Anto’s cheeks,painting her Unclad bum amongst many other things .

April 7, 2018

Mavin’s star, Johnny Drille, shared his new look with fans whose approval may determine if he gets to keep a braided hair.

The singer appeared to be concerned about the possibility of having a negative image surround his new wave.

Two pictures offered a view of the frontal and side view of his face. Drille shared the post to fans in form of a teaser – he seemed like he wanted their approval.

“We tried to experiment a little bit with my hair. Do I keep it or not?

“I’m still a good kid tho, it’s just my hair,” writes Drille.

Johnny Drille got signed to Mavin Records on Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

At the label, he has aspired to make his craft appealing to audience.

This has seen him make appearances at numerous concerts where he displayed more promise to grow.

Don Jazzy signs Johnny Drille, Poe, DNA Twins to record label

Johnny Drille, Poe and the DNA Twins are now artistes signed under Mavin Records.

Label boss Don Jazzy made this known today, February 28, 2017, via a series of Twitter posts.

“Meet and welcome the super talented @johnnydrille to the SUPREME MAVIN DYNASTY. #MavinActivated.”

Each post was accompanied by a short documentary about the artistes and a simple phrase, “Mavin Activated.”

It introduced the new signings as they start a new journey with the Mavin’s star cast of Tiwa Savage, Korede Bello and others.

Announcing the signing of rapper, Poe, the record producer wrote, “Pls meet and welcome the rapper’s rapper #POE @Ladipoe to the SUPREME MAVIN DYNASTY. #MavinActivated.”

Poe also confirmed the deal with the record label in an Instagram post with the caption, “Nigeria’s Very Own. “Rapper’s Rapper” – @donjazzy #MavinActivated.”

The addition of the DNA Twins to the company saw Don Jazzy in his final announcement:

“Guys pls also meet and welcome the dangerous dynamic duo #DNA @itz_dna (@blairisdna & @clintisdna) to the SUPREME MAVIN DYNASTY. #MavinActivated.”

The inclusion of the stars to the record label is no doubt going to be a symbiotic affair for all parties.

All the artistes have made good of their music career so far, a fact that has earned them a calling to one of Africa’s dominant record label.

April 6, 2018

Nigerian comedian AY Makun recently had his annual Easter Comedy show and news flying around the media indicates that the star and his brother, Lanre Makun almost came to blows at the back stage of the show.

The source that made the revelation alleged that most of their celebrity friends decided not to talk about the issue because of its sensitivity.

According to the industry sources who were back stage at the just concluded AY live that held on Easter Sunday, the brothers:

“Ayo Makun (AY) and his younger brother Lanre Makun were at loggerheads before the event and it wasn’t resolved after the event.”

Most of their celebrity friends decided not to talk about the issue because of its sensitivity.

‘’They got into this very heated argument and were close to exchanging blows back stage because AY found out a few days before the event that Lanre had been selling or maybe even giving out tickets to people without his consent’’.

Ay was very pissed that he had to re-arrange the table settings at the last minute just to distort Lanre’s plans and this didn’t quite go down well.

Two days before the event, AY had taken to his Instagram page to apparently warn people against getting free tickets from his brother.

AY had always been notifying his show goers, in previous shows about their need to support his dream by paying for their ticket fee and not seeking free tickets to his shows.

He wrote a day before the show:

‘’those of you calling @lanremakunevents asking for INVITES to Ay Live on Easter Sunday April 1st… No disrespect o! It is not my birthday or child dedication. It is a gatetaking event with huge investments that must be recovered. We ONLY give out complimentary tickets to direct supporters of the show and limited number of people whom have helped in building the brand over the years. Kindly bear with us. For more information of how to buy tickets for the show, see our previous posts’’.