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Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram back online after hours of outage

After more than 6 hours of outage, Facebook Inc’s social media services comprising of Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp are now back online.  Before accessibility to Facebook services were restored, Facebook spokespeople offered their apologies to everyone affected by the problems. In his tweet. Mike Schroepfer, outgoing chief technology officer for the company tweeted “*Sincere* apologies to everyone impacted by outages of Facebook powered services right now, We are experiencing networking issues and teams are working as fast as possible to debug and restore as fast as possible.

As Facebook came back online, some users reported that they were seeing “login error code two”, which the company uses to alert them to connection errors. Some Instagram feeds failed to load and WhatsApp often span around with a “connecting” message.

Facebook’s problems appeared to be related to the domain name system, or DNS. That is often referred to as the phone book of the internet, taking the URL a person types into their browser – such as Facebook.com – and turning it into a numerical address that can then be asked for the data that makes up the website being accessed. The company runs its own DNS, unlike many other smaller firms. As such, it is at liberty to make changes itself – and to remove those records, too, which was what seemed to have happened at some point on Monday 4th October, 2021



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