Hopi Jerusalem Connection


Hopi Jerusalem Connection

I have received revelation from Creator concerning the Hopi that I have not read anywhere else. It is very exciting because I know Hopi prophecy and biblical prophecy are still being fulfilled.

In the biblical book of Ezekiel we are told that Creator will reunite the House of Israel (the Ten Northern Tribes of Israel who He scattered because of their wickedness) with Judah, the current day Jews. I believe this will occur in the end times, and I believe we are living in those times now. I was told by Creator that the union of “Israel” is the same event as the completion of the Hopi migration back to Israel. The Hopi have a Jerusalem connection.

This is a wonderful time to be alive! We have tremendous opportunity for spiritual growth. When I asked Creator why the union of the Jews with the Ten Northern Tribes has not occurred yet, I was told that, “The people are not ready!”

How will the people get ready? I understand the union of “Israel” will occur when the people walk the high level spiritual path of Abraham. This is a path of unconditional love. It is a walk where people treat one another kindly regardless of how others treat them. It is such a wonderful walk because it totally sets us free!

We are living in an age where people are evolving spiritually. It is a dramatic change and makes many people uneasy. But as we choose to “do unto others as we would have them do unto us,” we begin to experience the growth of Creator’s Spirit within us. As we filter all of our actions through, “What is the loving thing to do?” we find unconditional love growing in our hearts. Remember Jesus told us that only the pure in heart would see God? Well, this is because those who have unconditional love residing in their hearts actually have the Spirit of God residing within. Therefore, when they look within themselves, they see God.

The wonderful warmth of unconditional love gives us and those we interact with, happiness and joy. We can give this love to everyone, however, there may be those who choose to carry anger and other negative energies in their hearts. I choose to distance myself from those people. This is how I love myself as I am instructed to love others.

May showers of Creator’s blessings fall on those who choose to walk the high level spiritual path of Abraham.

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