The Commissioner for Information in State of Osun, Mr. Adelani Baderinwa, has accused the pensioners under the aegis of the 2011/2012 Forum of Pensioners of constituting themselves into nuisance to the people of the state and blackmailing the state government at the same time.

Read his statement below:

“It is crystal clear that the so-called 2011/2012 pensioners group are obvious liars with their incessant political protests, and unbecoming of a retired civil servant who ought to be placed and respected as a senior citizen.

“The 2011/2012 pensioners group are a fraction of those who retired from service in 2012 to avoid being part of the Contributory Pension Scheme.

“It is disturbing and unfortunate that the acclaimed 2011/2012 retires have chosen to be blackmailing the Osun State Government and persistently constituting nuisance on the streets of Osogbo to the detriment of the peace-loving citizens through sponsored protest on the payment of gratuity and not pension.”

The state government explained that the N6.314 bn second tranche of the Paris Club loan refund was used to pay the July and August 2015 salary arrears, balance of 2015 leave bonus and the July 2017 salaries and pensions which amounted to a total of N5,131,680,567.59.