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Release names of Boko Haram sponsors, Bishop Kukah tells President Buhari

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, theArchbishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese,  yesterday, declared that the President Muhammadu Buhari administration is not sincere in dealing with terrorists killing Nigerians and hence tell the president to exposed and release the name of boko haram sponsor in Nigeria and their affiliates abroad.

Speaking in a sermon at the Priestly Ordination of Five Deacons at the Holy Family Cathedral, wondering why it is difficult for the Nigerias government understand the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari to release names of sponsors of Boko Haram terrorists sponsor, the cleric declared that “Nigeria is decomposing from within.”

In his own words, Bishop Kukah said that “Nigeria is a broken country. It is decomposing from within. Our heart is broken and lives are hemorrhaging by the day. We cannot go on like this. The country and people have become so traumatised and sedated by horrible news, that have now become comfortable in ‘this swamp of evil’.


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