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The government of the Rivers state, Nigeria, last month implemented a curfew policy

The government of Rivers State, Nigeria, last month implemented a curfew policy. This was done because of the increase in violence targeting security officers, customs officials, civil defence officers and soldiers.

However, in the midst of the curfew, attacks targeting officers continued. The attack took place on Friday (7/5) when a mob of gunmen in two Toyota Hilux vans attacked a checkpoint.

Launching from the Reuters news agency, a local police spokesman named Nnamdi Omoni said the attack on the checkpoint left two officers dead. The gunmen continued their attack on the Rumuji area police station and left two other officers dead.

The attacks continued on the Elimgbu area police station, killing three officers. The police fought back and a gun battle ensued. Resistance from the police left two of the armed gangs dead.

However, the remaining mob was able to escape even though, according to police, “with multiple gunshot wounds”. The gunmen who fled were reported to have stolen five assault rifles and a chase operation is currently underway


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