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The killing of security personnel across the country by criminal elements among Nigerians

The killing of security personnel across the country by criminal elements among Nigerians is highly condemnable, and the situation must be addressed before it gets any worse. These heinous crimes are perpetrated by criminal minds who hope to profit off the heightened sense of insecurity, and unless drastic steps are taken, it is capable of plunging the nation into a state of anarchy. The insecurity situation in the country appears to worsen by the day and while stakeholders continue to clamor for the creation of State Police to address issues of insecurity at the grassroots levels, the current administration appears clueless about the situation and continues to turn a deaf ear to the calls.

Security officers make huge sacrifices daily to ensure the safety of the lives and properties of the citizenry, and accordingly deserve the support of its people and the government. Save for the criminal minds in their midst, the people recognize these officers to be their brothers and sisters and realize that the safety of the nation depends on the wellbeing of these officers. Nigerians are not unaware of the challenges they encounter in the course of carrying out their duties, which are even made worse by corrupt politicians and senior officers who connive to steal public funds and deny these officers on the field of adequate welfare and supplies to ensure their safety and wellbeing. But these officers must also realize that the average Nigerian equally suffers from bandits and other criminal elements, as well as corrupt and incompetent political officeholders, and the army is better off having the people on its side. The ordinary Nigerian is not the enemy; the war is out there.


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