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Why the decision to crush Biafra agitation failed

The decision by certain persons to crush the agitation militarily, by invading Afara ukwu on the eve of the second meeting that would have ushered in peace and harmony in the land, derailed the agreement reached with Igbo leaders who spoke with Nnamdi at several strategic meetings I personally arranged and anchored.
I vouch that Nnamdi agreed to a peaceful roadmap, I attest that he agreed with the South East Governors on 30th August 2017, that his demands were not absolute. I worked extremely hard to follow through the advice of the great sage, Dr Alex Ekwueme, who consistently feared the possibility of the angry youths deciding to defend themselves and it’s attendant consequences.

Nnamdi humbly argued, reasoned, but eventually agreed with the religious, traditional and political leaders I took him to.
I did not know that the politicians preferred military assault.
I only found out later, that the politicians believed that the military assault on Afara ukwu on 14th September 2017 has finally and permanently solved the problem, and they deluded themselves, believing they have CRUSHED the agitation. They even believed that Nnamdi had been killed, until he surfaced in Israel.

Today, those same politicians have quadrupled their personal bodyguards and barricaded their comfort zones with concrete slabs and heavy military hardware.
The situation I worked hard to avert, on the advice of Dr. Alex Ekwueme, has slowly creeped in on us, and those who rejected peaceful agreement 4 years ago, are now seeing clearly.
I testify that the error of judgement of 2017 is responsible for the state of trepidation and foreboding in the land today.
The agitators have no blame. They were betrayed by the political leaders, who erroneously thought that brutal military assault would solve the problem.
History will always vindicate the just.♦


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