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Working with opportunity

A white man came down from America down to Nigeria. He logged in a hotel, at the midnight when he was observing his quiet time. He began to hear musical instrument, that was coming from a nearby church, close to the hotel.
But his attention was basically on the piano sound, which is also the keyboard.
He said in his mind….”The person playing this keyboard is very good, I think I need to see him”. So it happens that, over there in America, the man has a studio, and his keyboarder has resigned and he needs a new keyboarder.
So he finds this great opportunity to pick the young man who was playing that keyboard at the nearby church close to the hotel where he logged.
So right there in the church, the particular young man who was playing the keyboard, was been disturbed by his hand set, one of his friend was calling him on phone, so before the white man could enter the church, the young man handed the keyboard over to another person and went to answer his call.
After the service, the white man met the pastor of the church and tell him that he want to employ his keyboarder, and will take him over to America. The pastor accepted and asked him which of the keyboarder.
The white man replied and said that he want to employ the present person he met when he came in. So the next day, he processed his papers, and took him over to America.
Note: The person playing the keyboard for the first time, was the person who was qualified for the job over to America. But when he went to answer a call, the grace was transferred to the second person who took over the keyboard.
My prayer for You:
When its time for you to be promoted, I pray that your destiny and your promotion will not be transferred to another person by GOD’S GRACE in Jesus name… Amen


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